Credit Report 911 Affiliate program tour

CR911 and the Website sells itself, as an Affiliate you just need to promote the offer and make $$$

Here are CR911 program details:

Credit Report 911 CD credit restoration software and eBook. Everything that a consumer needs to repair and reuild their credit. Program offers a CD-Rom that is jammed pack with everything that a consumers needs to deal with credit issues anchored by Credit Software.

The software generates letters and documents for the user as well as tracking for progress on letter mailing, responses, and effectiveness. Then the consumer gets a second Major item which is specially created for 2011 and is Nations #1 selling Credit Repair eBook. To top it all of the purchaser receives (36) editable Credit Letters, (22) complete credit laws all on MS Word that can be downloaded, edited and has all the legal effectiveness built in. Also included for this life altering credit repair system is the most comprehensive credit Glossary of Terms that exists. If you have a question about a credit term, it can now be answered.

As a Bonus the consumer receives (5) extra credit related bonuses including debt cruncher software and debt cruncher eBook and 3 other great bonuses.

But here is the BEST BONUS that can be offered for each purchaser. The purchaser receives a LIFETIME of Updates and Upgrade for the Software and eBook FREE for Life! The Final Bonus is FREE Shipping and Handling Put all this together with an Unconditional Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee all for $39.95 and you have a Product that is going to Sell.. Sell .. Sell!

  1. Affiliate promoting offer receives a minimum $25/sale (65% commission)
  2. Affiliate can use links and develope banners, e-mails, and other promotional material, but they need to be approved first for verbiage
  3. Easy to promote with predesigned banners, e-mails, html Ads, and text Ads.
  4. What makes it easier to promote is that the product is a real tangiable GREAT and Very Useful consumer product that comes with 100% Unconditional Guarantee
  5. CD-Rom comes with (3) Major products that all could sell very well on there own, but we are bundling them all in one Amazing offer
  6. Purchaser receives Credit Repair Software, Nations #1 selling Credit Repair eBook, (36) editable Credit Repair letters in MS Word
  7. Then the consumer gets even more like the credit law library (22) full credit laws in MS Word, and the most Comprehensive Credit Glossary of Terms
  8. But we don't stop there they also receive very important credit resource links and (5) additional Bonuses to deal with Debt including PDFs and Software scripts
  9. To TOP it all off the purchaser receives a 100% unconditonal money back guarantee and a LIFETIME of Updates and Upgrades for the software and eBook

That's it! You send us business, we send you money!